Monday, May 29, 2017

More great resources for making your yard (pool) amphibian safe!

Erin Zaballa, Environmental Educator at Pettit Environmental Preserve and Vice President of the GA Reptile Society shared this info and pictures for how she made her pool 'amphibian safe'. As you probably know, it is not just the chemicals present in most swimming pools that are lethal to frogs and salamanders that might inadvertently (or advertantly!) fall/jump in a pool — it is also very difficult for them to find a way out. (if they aren't poisoned, they drown)

Luckily, there are some devices to aide our native amphibians in exiting the pools.

'The blue ramps are called Frog Logs, it is recommended to have at least one on each end of the pool. The other item is the Critter Skimmer skimmer cover. It allows animals sucked into the skimmer to escape via a ramp and tiny door. One really great thing is that if the ramp is not long enough, they will send you an extension for free (just pay shipping).

The Frog Logs and Critter Skimmer work exactly as advertised, mine have saved leopard frogs, cricket frogs, slimy salamanders, DeKays brown snakes, a chipmunk, and a cotton rat...and probably many more I just never saw.' — Erin Zaballa