Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Inaugural Session of the Master Herpetologist Program!

This past Saturday was the very first class, of the very first offering of the Master Herpetologist Program. This program is offered at the Amphibian Foundation and instructed by Foundation staff, as well as Zoo Atlanta and was started by an introductory class lead by state Herpetologist for GA DNR — John Jensen.

John Jensen (DNR) leading the first class of the Master Herpetologist Program in the Amphibious AF Meeting Room at the Amphibian Foundation.
John showing off one of our native salamander species — a Tiger Salamander (Ambystoma tigrinum)

John Jensen showing off Georgia's rarest frog, the Gopher Frog (Lithobates capito)
'Vinnie' the house tortoise in the meeting room enjoyed all the company and wasn't oo distracting during class. Vinnie is a Cherry-head Redfoot Tortoise (Chelonoidis carbonaria)
For moe information on the program, see the Master Herpetologist Program