The main website (including the training website) for the Metro Atlanta Amphibian Monitoring Program (MAAMP) is located at

Ephemeral wetland in Clyde Sheppard Nature Preserve, Dekalb County, GA
The Amphibian Foundation initiated a Metro Atlanta Amphibian Monitoring Program (MAAMP) in Fulton, Dekalb, Cobb and Gwinnett Counties. Professionals, volunteers, interns as well as citizen scientists are collaborating to collect data on amphibian abundance 'inside the perimeter'. The goal is to continue these surveys each year to better understand the population trends of the 17 species of frog and 14* species of salamander native to Metro Atlanta, as well as identify candidate sites for conservation and habitat restoration. We are lucky to have such a diverse community of amphibians in our urban neighborhoods.

If you know of an amphibian breeding site inside the 285 perimeter, or would like to participate in the MAAMP surveys, please contact Mark Mandica, the Garden's former Amphibian Conservation Coordinator (

Survey participant requirements:
Ability to conduct at least one survey per calendar month (a half hour or more after dusk)
Ability to pass the USGS Frog Call Quiz (click here)

MAAMP sites can be found on this map, including sites that are still available and need monitoring!

If you would like to get involved, email Mark Mandica:

For additional information, and resources such as data collection sheets and frog call, photo and larvae identification, click here

For updates and survey photos and videos, click here.

* Plethodon glutinosus (Slimy salamander complex) has recently been split into many different species. The Metro Atlanta species, Plethodon grobmani and possibly another species, but it is yet uncertain.

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