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You Can Help Wildlife Endangered Species Day

The Amphibian Foundation (AF) works every single day to move wildlife conservation efforts forward in our
community and across the globe. We do this work to make sure our future includes these important amphibian 
species. However, some days are more special than others.

This Friday, May 17, is Endangered Species Day. On this day, we proudly celebrate wildlife globally, along 
with the environments that these critters live within. Today, we encourage you to learn more about the 
amphibian extinction crisis, ways organizations are tackling the problem, and how you and others can assist 
in these efforts—even in your own backyard!

For amphibians, the extinction problem is particularly challenging. Nearly half of the world’s amphibian species 
are extinct or on a steady decline in that direction. Yet amphibians are crucial to the Earth’s environment and 
its inhabitants. They can contribute to the health of other organisms and humans. For example, they limit the 
spread of disease by devouring mo…

Short video featuring state Herpetologist (and AF Advisor) John Jensen describing what to do when you find a snake you don't recognize —