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Very proud of how our Amphibian Research and Conservation Center (AKA MetamorphosisMeadow) is shaping up!⁠

Through a grant from Memphis Zoo, we have expanded to 33 artificial wetlands for breeding and head-starting imperiled amphibians.⁠ ⁠ In the next week or two, we will be adding Gopher Frog tadpoles!

Re-issue of expired Care2 Article by Tex Dworkin and Mark Mandica

The article that my dear friend Tex and I worked on 4 years ago is no longer accessible on the Care2 site where it was published. I thought I would post it here, as it provided a wonderful opportunity to connect with conservation minded folks, who were not necessarily aware of the global amphibian extinction crisis. You can still find remnants of the original article on Pintrest. Plus, it was the first time I ever had my cell phone photography featured in a publication. It's a very nice piece, and brought a lot of attention to amphibians. I thought, given all that has been happening with quarantines and COVID-19, it would be a good time to share some of my favorite frog pictures.  Some of the language has been updated --------- Meet 10 Stunning Frogs Whose Populations are Dwindling Slope Snouted Glass Frog , Cochranella euknemos Conservation Status: Decreasing Glass Frogs (family Centrolenidae) are so named due to the translucent skin on their bellies. This al

Amphibian Foundation launches a new membership program on Patreon

If you are interested in learning more about the AF Membership Progam on Patreon, read this article and click here . We are excited to announce our new partnership with Patreon , a world renowned platform for connecting communities of people passionate about the same thing. The Amphibian Foundation is using the platform to help create a safer world for amphibians. The global community of amphibian conservationists, enthusiasts, and supporters can join us on Patreon for a special experience, and Patreon allows us to connect with you all in a more direct and deeper way. Membership with the Amphibian Foundation brings us much needed support for our conservation initiatives. Since starting in 2016, we have developed a model by which we could, in essence, support our conservation initiatives ourselves through engaging, dynamic, and inspirational programming for all ages. Programs such as Critter Camp and the Master Herpetologist Program have been a wildly successful part of our mis