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Inside the New Exhibits | part 3 — Amazon

(Continued from Part 2, Costa Rica exhibit) Cruziohyla craspedopus | Fringed leaf frog on exhibit at the Atlanta Botanical Garden The Frogs of the Amazon Basin exhibit was exciting to develop. First, it would be displaying one of the most captivating species I had ever read about — Cruziohyla craspedopus | The Fringed leaf frog . We have 2 on display right now, and those are the only two of the species on exhibit — anywhere in the world! There are only 10 individuals in the country, and all of them are here in our amphibian conservation collection, either on exhibit or in our captive breeding lab. Before working at the Garden, I had only dreamed about being in the same room with a Fringed leaf frog. Very little is known about the species due to their rarity and the fact that they live high in the tree canopy in the Amazon rainforest, never needing to come to the ground for anything. If you would like to see this species in the wild ... you have got to get way up in the tr