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A Visit from Collaborator Pierson Hill of FWC

Pierson Hill of the FWC and I standing outside the FRC, the solar powered research lab which serves as part of the Amphibian Research and Conservation Center . It is here where we have built captive propagation groups of Frosted Flatwoods Salamanders in an effort to reverse the profound declines the species is experiencing throughout its range. The majority of our stock were wild-collected as eggs by Pierson and his team in Apalachicola National Forest.

The launch of a new urban research project and partnership at Legacy Park in Decatur!

The Legacy Park Amphibian Monitoring Team : Jeffrey Weiss (left) Research Intern at the Amphibian Foundation; Mark Mandica, Executive Director at the Amphibian Foundation; Michael Black (right) Senior Lecturer in the Neuroscience Institute at Georgia State and DESB Natural Systems Board Member. We are excited to start a new research project and collaboration on our urban amphibian communities. Working with the Decatur Environmental Sustainability Board's Natural Systems subcommittee, we will be conducting regular surveys at Legacy Park to assess the health of the amphibian communities on the property. The knowledge gained by this study can help predict how restoration and development actions might impact amphibians and other wildlife occupying the park.

mo #TinyFrog Here is a tiny #GlassFrog - Hyalinobatrachium valeroi

Yikes the name of the frog is longer than the frog itself #TransparentAF #Frog #Frogs #Frogger #Froggy #FrogsOfInstagram #GlassFrogs #FrogLife #Crypsis #Mimicry #AmphibiousAF #AmphibianFound #FrogsNeedOurHelp via Instagram