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A rainy day at the garden

The spring rains are here and anyone willing to brave the storm on a day like today is in for a treat here at the garden. While outside, it may be less than ideal... inside the conservatory... the frogs and I are excited. The frogs in the exhibits, as well as in the lab and frog pod, are all responding to the pressure changes associated with storm fronts. Many frogs that I wouldn't normally be able to see (easily) are out and about right now.  So, I thought I would share some photos here. Next time its raining out, and you are in the mood to see some frogs... come on by!

Pigeon Mountain Photos

Thanks Anita!

Pigeon Mountain Salamander Trip

The frog team, including some of our frog volunteers headed up to Pigeon Mountain on a quest for salamanders. Anita supplied some photos from the event, so check them out... a beautiful area!

Behavior spotlight — Splendid Leaf frog molting

I had a rare opportunity to see the female Leaf frog, from our 'Splendid Leaf frogs' exhibit molting (shedding its skin) today. Usually, these frogs are fast asleep all day, and as I walked by their exhibit, there was a crowd gathered around watching her as she put on a show. Watching one of these frogs molt is quite dramatic. They use their arms and legs to pull the outer layer of skin towards the head and, like most frogs, promptly eat it. (waste not, want not) I was able to get a few shots of her in action, and it was also nice to see her awake during the day—even if it was only for a few moments.