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What is a deterrent to snakes? I have some land at the back of me, full of snakes.

From Carrie Gardner, On Quora  ---- Black Racer, Coluber constrictor   Really, there isn't any. Products like “Snake B Gone" are junk. Anything that says that the scent drives them away is also a rip-off. They don't care about any of that. Mothballs have been banned for outdoor use by the EPA and is toxic for people. Please don't use any poisons because it sinks into groundwater and into bodies of water and poisons every animal and plant they come into contact with. If your land is full of snakes, that means the area is full of rodents, which is what most snakes eat. And I would like to add that most prey species far outnumber the predators. So you probably have a much greater problem than just a lot of snakes and right now, they are your friends. Snakes only go where there is food so your best bet to lower the number of snakes in your yard is to get rid of the source of food. If there a lot of snakes in your yard then chances are there is a good size rodent population