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This is a particularly beautiful species of centrolenid - the Granular Glass Frog, Cochranella granulosa.

via Instagram Follow @amphibianfoundation for more beautiful pictures and information on Amphibians, amphibian conservation and declines. Glass frogs are transparent on their ventral surface, but their dorsal coloration can be quite beautiful. C. granulosa often has shades of blue mixed with green on their dorsum. Their granular glands are also quite prominent and spectacular! #Cochranella #Cochranellagranulosa #GranularGlassFrog #Centrolenidae #AmphibianConservation #AmphibianConservationProgram #FrogsNeedOurHelp #EndangeredSpecies #RacingExtinction #EndExtinction #FrogsOfInstagram #frogs #frog #ribbit #CaptiveBreeding #CaptiveBred #ExSitu #InSitu #CaptiveAssuranceColony #CaptiveBreedingColony #Mandica #CritterCamp #Critter-Camp #AmphibianFoundation #TheAmphibianFoundation

Turtle Conservation

via Instagram I apologize for the long delay in between posts. We have been overwhelmed with building the Amphibian Foundation and launching a second location for our reptile and amphibian summer camp — Critter Camp! Everything has been going so incredibly well, and we are in the process of completing our newest facility, which will serve as our main research lab. We are also excited to be launching our Urban Turtle Conservation Program. Aside from our amphibian conservation programs, we work with other Atlanta-based nonprofits on #UrbanEcology, Conservation and Restoration. Last year, along with Atlanta Audubon @atlantaaudubonsociety Blue Heron Nature Preserve @bhnpatlanta Trees Atlanta @treesatlanta Chattahoochee Nature Center @sighted_on_the_127 and Arabia Mountain @arabia_alliance One of the most imperiled groups in metro Atlanta are our turtles. We are working on bringing lasting solutions to the issues which turtles face, particularly in an urban environ

Our Blog's Web Address is Changing!

After 8 years of frog bloggin, we are changing the URL of our blog, which has over 200K Views and gets about 180 hits a day! It has been quite a privilege for us to communicate in this way and look forward to continuing to answer questions and get the word our about amphibians and amphibian declines. On Aug 1, 2017 the URL for the blog will change to If you have the blog bookmarked, we hope you will update your bookmarks at that time. You can always get to it  through our website as well: Thank you!