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Blue Frogs of South America Exhibit


Species highlight | Marbled salamander

Marbled salamander | Ambystoma opacum

Ask the Frog Staff | What do frogs do in the winter?

"Was visiting yesterday and strolled past both the "Frog Baby" pond and the lily pond.  Where do the frogs go in the winter?  Thank you." 

Christine C.

Thank you for your question! The answer to which I find particularly fascinating.
Frogs do several different things to handle freezing temperatures in the winter.

Those bullfrogs in the Garden ponds ... do just what they and other frogs do in the winter which is brumate. Brumation is like hibernation, only metabolically it is a much different process utilized by cold blooded animals. Leopard frogs and Green frogs are other examples of frogs that brumate. They simply burrow, dig or hide deep enough below the frost line where they won't actually be exposed to freezing (or below) temperatures.

Other frogs (at least up and down the East Coast) actually posses the biological equivalent of antifreeze in their cells so freezing temperatures aren't as big of an obstacle to them (eg: Spring Peepers) While st…

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University of Georgia Herpetological Society annual field trip

We always look forward to the UGHS visit to Atlanta every year. The herp society is very active in participating in area events and sponsoring outreach and awareness activities.

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