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Inside the New Exhibits | part 2 — Costa Rica

(Continued from Part 1) I started with the Costa Rica exhibit — the first exhibit one sees as they approach. Dante and I decided to try three tricky (shy) species all in the same exhibit: Glass frogs (Cochranella granulosa), Lemur frogs (Agalychnis lemur) and Green and black poison frogs (Dendrobates auratus). We had never tried to display either Glass frogs or Lemur frogs before, despite having worked with both groups for many years at the Garden. I have to imagine this is because they are nocturnal and extremely shy. Glass frogs, for instance, are not only shy, but are transparent! Terrible qualities for selecting an animal to exhibit. Lemur frogs are also challenging as during the day they disappear, seemingly adhered to the underside of leaves. Even Green and black poison frogs are shy for a poison frog.

Agalychnis lemur, the Lemur frog is a critically endangered species that we have been breeding in captivity for over ten years. I believe this was one of the first species that ca…

Healing Hellbenders