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Replanting the Colombia and Costa Rica Exhibits


Last 'Wednesday's Child' William wanted to see the frogs at the Garden (with Fox 5 News)

Wednesday's Child: William - Atlanta News, Weather, Traffic, and Sports | FOX 5

Wednesday's Child, A National Program to help children find adoptive families, featured William at the Atlanta Botanical Garden last week. Karen Graham and William toured around the Garden, and the frogs, some of which were featured in the segment, as well as myself, Tracy and Anita, our Wednesday volunteer.

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Rabb's Fringe-limbed tree frog update

A recent picture of our Rabb's Fringe-limbed tree frog. Currently believed to be the last of the species.
Since he was featured in the July issue of National Geographic, I have heard from an overwhelming amount of concerned people regarding this frog. I am grateful to Joel Sartore and National Geographic magazine for getting his story out there, but the truth is this species in not in a unique situation. Many amphibian species are currently threatened with extinction worldwide (Recent research suggests that more than one third of amphibian species are declining). The reasons for this are various and are most likely working in concert towards amphibian population declines.
I thought I would mention that as of today, our last Rabb's Fringe-limbe tree frog is doing well. He is holding his weight and eating. He likes to sit in his tree hole and take it easy most of the time, and we try not to bother him too much.
Recently, I had a request for some higher resolution pictures of our…

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Interview for the Ellie and Edmond Children's Blog!