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Did this frog even wake up?

I am trying to count how many things this frog can do simultaneously including sleep. The spectacular Fringed leaf frog | Cruziohyla craspedopus  are canopy frogs from the Amazon, which rarely (if ever) even come down from the tree tops. They will make their public debut in our new exhibit coming mid-January. I love how she grasps the cricket in her hand and stuffs it in her mouth ... a behavior this species shares with the other Cruziohyla — calcarifer .

Notes from the Field: Dante in Peru 2

November is hatching time for many species of Amazonian Turtles. Chelonoidis denticulata | Yellow Foot Tortoise , Motelo  Kinosternon scorpioides | Amazon Mud Turtle  Yellow-Spotted River Turtle | Podocnemis unifilis Yellow-Spotted River Turtle | Podocnemis unifilis

Notes from the field: Dante in Peru

Garden biologist, Danté Fenolio, stopped in Peru in route to Chile.  He consulted for a number of captive breeding and conservation programs, including a facility working to breed endangered Amazonian Manatees , Centro de Rescate Amazonico - CREA.  Local students can be seen here feeding a baby Amazonian Manatee, Trichechus inunguis . Caecilians are among the least known of all amphibians.  Most live underground, like this undescribed species of the genus Caecilia from the Peruvian Amazon.  A few caecilians, like this species of Typhlonectes , have adapted to aquatic life.

Georgia Public Broadcasting episode featuring the amphibians of GA, ABG and Robert Hill