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Hope is raised for Gopher frogs in South Georgia!

Recently, the very first adult Gopher frog (Lithobates capito) was detected at the release site, where the Garden, in collaboration with UGA, GA DNR's Non-Game Conservation section, Zoo Atlanta, Jones Ecological Research Center and Bear Hollow Zoo have all been working towards increasing the numbers of these endangered frogs with a multi-institutional 'head-starting' program.

Over 4,000 Gopher froglets and tadpoles have been released since 2007, and the detection of this adult female, right where it should be in a Gopher tortoise burrow is very encouraging!

Below is the statement from Georgia Department of Natural Resources:

Discovery raises hopes for rare frogs project in Early County

   Unlike some sights on Halloween, spotting a big gopher frog after dark in a tortoise burrow was a welcome surprise for Vanessa Kinney Terrell and other University of Georgia researchers.
   Even better, the next night they caught the adult frog (above) as it hopped out of the burrow at Willi…

Weighing the Conservatory's Alligator Snapping Turtle!

Melissa Carlberg and her students from Beecher Hill Elementary School came, as part of their after school studies program here at The Garden, to help me weigh 'Big Carmine' (our resident Alligator Snapping Turtle, Macrochelys temminckii) Big Carmine lives in the largest of the seven ponds inside the rotunda, under the bridge (photos by Julia Rittenhouse).

We all made guesses, but Big Carmine is actually not so 'big' weighing only 26 pounds. Adults of this species can break 200 pounds!

Amphibians on exhibit update

The Granular Glass frog | Cochranella granulosa is almost always sitting out, rather cooperatively in plain view

Next batch of Gopher frogs released!

Another 26 Gopher frogs were released this week as part of the Head-Start program the Garden is participating in ...