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Rain frogs ...


Hike and Seek in Piedmont Park!

The Amphibian Conservation program was invited to participate in this year's 'Hike and Seek' event in Piedmont Park. Hike and Seek is a national and annual event designed by National Wildlife Federation to get families outside and learning ...

We brought some amphibians from our conservation and education collections, as well as a 'wild' Bullfrog from one of the outdoor Garden ponds (and a couple of turtles too) to participate in the event and share with families about amphibians and why we should pay attention to them.

Glass frog bonanza

Glass frogs (family: centrolenidae) are generally shades of green or blue, but their ventral surface is translucent. The degree of translucence depends on the species, but generally it is easy to tell what is happening inside a Glass frog if you look at (through) their belly skin.

We are working with several species of Glass frog here at the Garden, and lately we have had some captive breeding successes!

Reunited with students from Duke TIP!

This past weekend, three of my students from the Duke University TIP's 'Frogs, Bogs and Pollywogs - Amphibian Biology and Conservation' class came to visit, learn more about our amphibian conservation program, and potentially develop internships to continue honing their field ecology skills.

The three week course, which was half biology, half ephemeral wetland ecology and all amphibians, took place in June in Sarasota at The New College of Florida. It was just an incredible experience (for more information see our previous blog post here) one I was thrilled to continue here at the Garden.

We only had a few days, so we packed in a nocturnal tour of the Garden (when most of the amphibian collections are actually awake!), introductions to the major projects of the amphibian conservation program, a grand day in the field at Chattahoochie River Wildlife Management Area with seasoned Garden botanist, Steve Bowling, and a behind-the-scenes tour of the reptile and amphibian colle…