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Save our frogs because they may save us

A chemical found in the mucus of frogs has been found to kill certain strains of the influenza virus. The discovery could lead to the development of powerful anti-viral drugs. But many species are at risk of extinction. The G reen-eyed Tree Frog has been found to have anti-viral peptides on its skin which could help treat the HIV virus in humans  To read the full article, please visit:

Emory's Herpetology Class Visits the Amphibian Foundation!

This past week, Dr Larry Wilson's Herpetology class came to visit us at the Amphibian Foundation. Gabe, Ryan and I had a great time showing the students around, talking herpetology and conservation! The Emory Herp class helped us measure 'Gary', our Black Rat Snake which was recently donated by the Cochran Mill Nature Center — Just over 7 feet long! Gary is about 30 years old. Erica, Emory student and Amphibian Foundation intern holds 'Butterscotch', our Yellow Rat Snake.

That's right ... For the first time ever we will be open to the public! Dec 8th. Please come on out!

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