The Fuqua Conservatory's Tropical Rotunda

caution: Frog Habitat!
Inside of the Tropical Rotunda (Rainforest room) is an amazing place to see the tropical wildlife ... without glass in between! In the morning, you can hear the Phantasmal Poison frogs calling, along with the Coqui, which is just a wonderful sound. The Coqui are nocturnal and it is great to hear them just before they go to bed for the day, but the Poison frogs (remember, they are harmless in captivity) call throughout the day. If you look closely, you can see them (or their tadpoles) in each of the seven ponds throughout the rotunda.

There are several species of frogs breeding throughout the rotunda. Recently seen are the Phantasmal Poison frog, the Coqui as well as Red-eyed Leaf frogs and Black-eye Leaf frogs. There are also some Tokay geckos hiding in there, so keep your ears open for their 'GECK-oh' calls (yep, that's where they get their name from)

Pictured below are the Central American Box turtles who have their own part of the rotunda. The fence surrounding their exhibit does an ok job keeping them in, but allows the frogs to come and go. This area has recently been renovated and re-planted, and the turtles seem to love it! Usually, I can find all three in a few seconds as they are all basking on top of the rocks towards the east side of their exhibit.  A few years ago, they bred and produced one baby box turtle. As soon as it is big enough, it will join its parents in the exhibit!

Poison frog
Phantasmal poison frog


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