A New Group of Master Herpetologists Unleashed on the World!

Congratulations to the Summer 2019 class of Master Herpetologists! Here we are at Sweetwater Creek State Park for our 'reptile' field trip (we found amphibians too). (L-R: Kevin, Ryan, DJ, Cassie, Shaundon, Erin (TA), Erin, Jennifer, Jessica, Brandon, Stephen, me, Anthony, Carol, Phillip, Michaela, and Sarah)
Another semester of the Master Herpetologist program just came to a close, and we certified a group of talented Master Herpetologists. This course has been an exceptional experience for me, and a lot of fun — a great way to get to know other critter enthusiasts and advocates in the area. This semester, we also we lucky enough to have esteemed guest lecturers like John Jensen from GA DNR (now retired) introducing the course, giving a background of the reptiles and amphibians of Georgia, as well as state policies and regulations, Grover Brown from the University of Southern Mississippi talking about — turtles, of course, and Dr. Chris Jenkins of the Orianne Society lecturing about snakes. We are honored to have such authorities come and share their experience and knowledge with our students.

For more information, or to register for the next semester, see: MasterHerper.amphibianfoundation.org

Grover Brown gave his incredible perspective on turtle biology and conservation for the turtle portion of the course.
Erin Frew (TA) and Dr. Chris Jenkins from the Orianne Society presenting 'Frank' the albino Burmese Python during the snake lecture. Dr Jenkins delivered an incredible lecture on snake biology and conservation.
Michaela and 'Sylvester' or friendly neighborhood Anaconda

Jennifer, 'Sylvester' and myself
'Sylvester' gives the best hugs
'Sylvester' checking out the room
Shaundon and 'Sylvester'
Sarah and 'Sylvester'
Kevin and the dangerous Worm Snake

Jessica is awfully happy with that toad

Brandon only took 3 or 4 bites to get that baby Water Snake under control

Stephen about to eat a small skink
Jessica found a lot of toads on the field trip to Sweetwater

Anthony holding a Ground Skink. I don't think he needed the snake hook to wrangle it
Phllip is pleased with his toad find
AF Staff and Master Herpetologists: Erin, Abby, and DJ (and 'Sylvester')
Worm Snake
Jessica and Jennifer admire the toad
Jennifer sharing her toad identification knowledge
Carol and Phillip with an Eastern Box Turtle (DJ's dad in back)

Sarah is a little bit happy about this hug from 'Sylvester'

Phillip spinning the Box Turtle like a basketball.

Cassie, me, and Anthony struttin' with our snake hooks

The toad is not amused

Sarah, Erin, and Cassie inspecting whatever it is Cassie has in her hands

Ryan digs that toad

Young and beautiful Northern Water Snake


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